First things first

OK, so you’ve finally got that gorgeous sparkly ring on your finger and practically got a suntan from basking in the glow of attention from all the Congratulations that have been coming your way! Now you actually have to start planning the Wedding….

 First things first, now that it’s all real – What do you want? And by you, I mean both of you! You may well have had YOUR dream Wedding planned out in your head for years or you may have absolutely no idea what the hell you want. Either way you also need to take into account what your other half wants as well (sorry but you do).  

 To keep stress on the down low it’s probably better that you are both happy about the type of wedding you have. Before you start wildly searching for suitable castles on Google it might be an idea to narrow down exactly what you both feel comfortable with.

 Here are a few questions to ask yourselves to get the planning ball rolling:

 Dream scenario what would I want….

Number of guests

Type of ceremony

Type of reception venue

Feel of the day e.g. relaxed or formal

Do this independently and see where you end up. Hopefully you’re both up for pink flamingos on the Croquet lawn, which I actually did with one awesome couple. If not, there’s one little pesky word that will follow you into marriage, you may well have to compromise.

 There’s no way someone who wants something small and intimate is going to enjoy planning something big and brassy. I’m a firm believer in not adhering to anyone else’s rules or ideas about what needs to happen at a wedding. You can do whatever you want to

 Without wanting to go all Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis on you, if the answers to any of the above are not compatible with your budget then its time to get creative. Another thing that will put pressure on you when planning is if one of you is worried about funding it.


For tips and advice on planning a stress free wedding then head on over to my website   I don’t do tantrums – it's a Bridezilla free zone, however tiaras are positively encouraged!