Where to start when you’re planning your wedding


Where should you start

It can sometimes feel that you’re at the bottom of ten Everest’s with all the many things that need thinking about and doing when planning a wedding.  How do you avoid stress and overwhelm when you’re planning the most important day of your life?

 Heading towards overwhelm central

If you think about everything that needs to be done in one go then it is going to feel a little overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of things that need to be sorted out and everyone has got an opinion on what works and what doesn’t, what looks good or what an awful wedding that their best friends sister in laws cousin had - Arghhhh!

STOP and breathe

Initially, don’t worry about what anyone else is saying. Once you and your husband to be have agreed on budget and the type of day that you’ll both enjoy,  the best thing to do is break it all down in to manageable areas.

Bite size chunks

Planning a wedding is really just making a series of decisions (if this is something you struggle to do then you’ll get plenty of chances to practice!) There’s a natural  traditional flow to the day, so think about those things in order first but don’t feel that you have to be a slave to what’s included in them:



Evening Do

Once you’ve made decisions on these then you can start padding them out. If they’re all happening in the same place – brilliant! Then you can start thinking about what happens during each part. So, for the Ceremony, if it’s in a church for example, do you know how the vicar likes to run things? What will the order of service be? Do you need to print it or will the church?

 Where will it be

I would suggest picking a reception venue before you do anything else. The venue is going to set the tone of the whole wedding. If you go for a grand city venue there’s going to be a very different feel than if you go for a rural barn location. Whichever you choose the steps you go through to make the day a success will be the same.

Take Help where you can 

 If you have a wedding planner within your venue they should be giving you information on what they need and how things will work from their point of view. Make sure you use them but also think about speaking to the food and beverage or catering manager to see if there is anything they think works well or what really doesn’t work.

 Now the fun starts

Once you have the key decisions on ceremony and reception venues made then you can start to see the day taking shape. Now is the time that you can start thinking about all of the really fun stuff that is going to make your day unique.

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