Once you have a ceremony and reception venue booked then you can start thinking about how your day will flow. It’s super important to keep the momentum going during the day.  Your venue or caterer should be able to advise you on this based on your specific needs. 

Its all about Momentum

Think about weddings that you’ve been to, what did you like or dislike.  What felt really fun and what didn’t work quite so well? Now I’m not suggesting you bandy this around as people generally don’t love having things about their wedding day criticized! But really think about what you think and could incorporate into your day.

 Don’t starve or bore them

Were you thirsty or starving or worse BORED at any point during a wedding you’ve been to?! It’s completely understandable that you want to have time with your photographer to get all the lovely shots of you together but what are your guests going to be doing during this time? Depending on the time your ceremony starts and whether people have had a long journey can affect when they are able to eat. I’m not suggesting you are responsible for this but it pays to be thoughtful, particularly if there are children attending.

 Tell them what to expect

Letting your guests have an idea of what time things are going to happen before the day itself or as they arrive can help them to relax and enjoy the bit that’s happening! It takes away the feeling of waiting, waiting, waiting to find out what's happening next.

 Magic Moments

What can you do that will make your day memorable? Although the day is primarily about you as a couple, everyone likes to feel special and hopefully all the people there on the day are important to you! Little personal touches such as a note on their place setting or table plan can make your guests feel a million dollars. Happy guests equal a happy Bride & Groom! 

So there you have it, by taking some simple steps you create a day to remember for you and your guests!